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Distributor Opportunity

Increase your exposure to your customers with a Private Label Program from Gas Dynamics. Our program is tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Your customers can count on our quality…you can count on the program as a profit center.

Some of the excellent program features include:
  • Private Labeling on product
  • Fast Delivery
  • High-Quality Calibration Gases
  • Unique Quality Tracking System
  • Sales & Technical Support
  • No Cost “Drop Shipping”
  • No Minimum Order
  • Certificate of Analysis

About our Private Label Program

Gas Dynamics is committed to providing customers with accurate and reliable calibration gas standards. We offer a complete line of calibration gases, carrying cases and related accessories.

Whether your customers are calibrating monitors for confined space entry, leak detection, area monitoring, combustion efficiency, or any other gas monitoring application, we have the expertise to supply your customer’s calibration gas needs.

Gas Cylinders are labeled (see right) with the name of the gas components, concentration of each component and the relative information (for instance %LEL), and the balance gas (gas used to fill the remaining cylinder volume). In addition, the label contains the cylinder expiration date eliminating the confusion over the shelf-life of various calibration gases.  A unique cylinder number is on a separate label on the rear of the cylinder. 

Competitive Advantages


Gas Dynamics will provide your company with a competitive advantage in the following areas:

Private Labeling

Gas Dynamics offers a true Private Label program. Only your company information  and/or logo will appear on the product label eliminating the likelihood of diverting sales.


Same day or next day delivery for stock items.

Product Quality

Our proprietary DPPA™ process begins with 1% primary standards produced by recognized leaders in the specialty gas industry. The quality of our master gas combined with our procedures, cylinder treatment techniques and N.I.S.T traceable blending equipment yields precise calibration gas mixtures.
Tracking System We utilize a unique quality tracking system that begins with a serial number identifier on each cylinder and includes pertinent data for each cylinder, master gas and balance gas used in the process. This process allows complete frontward and backwards traceability to identify all potential non-conforming products in the field.
Support Issues Gas Dynamics provides the highest level of sales, marketing and technical support to you, our customer. We bring decades of industrial hygiene, environmental air quality analysis and gas detection instrumentation to bear in understanding applications.
Quality Graphics Often outward appearance is the customer’s first impression of product quality. Our cylinder graphics layout and labels exceed the appearance of industry leaders and supports your marketing program.
Shipping Program We offer a “drop ship” program at no additional cost to assist our distributors in meeting customer needs. While our distributor-pricing program contemplates quantity discounts, we are sensitive to the occasional need to ship directly to end users to meet delivery requirements and hold down costs on single cylinder shipments.
Order Restrictions No minimum order requirements.
Certificate of Analysis Electronic storage of documents available upon request.

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Gas Dynamics Calibration Kit Customized to Distributor Specs

Gas Dynamics also offers self-contained Calibration Kits, which can be private labeled. Our kits are designed to help your customers with a convenient method to store and transport calibration cylinders and accessories.

The Gas Dynamics Calibration Kit consists of 1—3 Cylinders of gas blended to NIST Standards for precision and accuracy (Certified Calibration Gas); a regulator to deliver the gas at the correct pressure and flow rate; and a length of non-reactive tubing—all contained in a convenient case for storage. Components must be selected for the specific instrument model and gas sensors installed.


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