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We are pleased to offer you, as a safety supply distributor, an opportunity to test our Calibration Gas without cost. We are making this no obligation offer because we are confident that you will find our product to be of the highest quality.

Additionally, we are proud to introduce our new Private Label program. This program offers you the opportunity to sell calibration gas and accessories under you own name. For more information on the program, refer to the flyer that accompanied this letter.
All that we ask in return is a little information about your company and your mailing instructions. Also, we will require a sample of your logo if you wish to receive your sample with your own private label attached.

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Isobutylene (C4H8) - 100 ppm, Balance Air, 17L Cylinder
Carbon Monoxide (CO) - 100 ppm, Balance Air, 17L Cylinder
Methane (CH4) - 100 ppm, Balance Air, 17L Cylinder
Methane (CH4) - 50 Percent LEL, Balance Air, 17L Cylinder
Carbon Monoxide (CO) 50 ppm / Methane (CH4) 50 percent LEL / Oxygen (O2) 17 percent, Balance N2, 17L Cylinder

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