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Education Center

Welcome to the Gas Dynamics Education Center. From here you can learn about various issues concerning calibration gas and related equipment.

Choose from the following topics:

>> Calibration Gas 101 - The basics of calibration gas are covered here.

>> LEL Detectors - Catalytic vs. Infared - The two most common combustible gas sensing technologies are explained and the significance of chosing the right "balance gas" (Air or Nitrogen).

>> Calibration Gas Shelf Life - Product shelf lives are explained and charted here.

>> Flammability Limits (LEL % Vs Volume %) - Flammable limits of combusible gases are explained here.

>> Bump Test Vs Calibration - The importance of Bump Testing portable instruments is explored.

If you have any suggestions on topics or issues you would like to see here, or any additional questions, please contact us.


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