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We are committed to providing customers with accurate and reliable calibration gas standards. We offer a complete line of calibration gas, carrying cases and equipment for safety, industrial hygiene, and instrument maintenance personnel.

Whether you are calibrating monitors for confined space entry, leak detection, area monitoring, combustion efficiency, or any other gas monitoring application, we have the expertise to supply your calibration needs.


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Why are Calibration Gases so Important?
OSHA reports that: "Gas monitoring instruments are designed to protect personnel from unseen hazards that may exist in the workplace environments, including confined spaces. It is vital to worker safety that these instruments are maintained and calibrated properly.

Instrument inaccuracy due to improper or irregular calibration can lead to serious accidents. Exposure to excessive levels of toxic gas or an oxygen-deficient environment can cause workers serious illness and even death. Combustive gas explosions are often catastrophic, injuring or killing personnel and destroying property.

The International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA), founded in 1933, is a trade association for manufacturers of protective equipment, including environmental monitoring instruments. The ISEA recommends, at a minimum, verification of sensor accuracy before each day's use.

The only way to guarantee that an instrument will detect gas accurately and reliably is to test it with a known concentration of gas. Exposing the instrument to a known concentration of test gas will show whether the sensors respond accurately and whether the instrument alarms function correctly".

Customer Service
Because we view customer service and support as our number one priority at Gas Dynamics, our personnel are trained to assist you in selecting the right gas for your application and answering any technical issues that you might have. Different detectors have different cross-sensitivities and accuracy requirements, and we are committed to making sure that your mixtures meet your analyzer specifications.

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